A real-life adventure in the woods

Real-life gaming in the woods

Moon Trees is a unique game. It's an adventurous and active team game that uses the latest game technology. It’s the first real-life game in the world that’s played in the woods. A world first. Want to find out what this innovative game is all about?

Teamwork in the woods

Outdoor team building

Moon Trees challenges teams to work together smartly and to come up with a good strategy. In other words, team building as team building was meant to be. Ideal for team outings, office parties or a team-building event. Let’s replace the cabin in the woods with a really adventurous game in the woods!

Running, climbing and smart teamwork

An active day out

Playing Moon Trees as a team means you’re being active. Running, climbing, working together and thinking carefully are all aspects of this game. Still, you don’t need to be super-fit to play Moon Trees. It's a game for young and old. By using smart teamwork, every participant can play the game at his or her level. Want to find out what outings Moon Trees is suitable for?

Get yourself a unique game

Would you like to become a Moon Trees venue?

You can! We’re always looking for entrepreneurs who want to expand and revamp their business with an innovative game concept like Moon Trees.

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