Met je zoon een dagje uit? Speel Moon Trees! | Moon Trees Challenge

Show them what you're made of

Join a real-life game together

The Moon Trees game is based on the latest game technology, which guarantees plenty of action. Together, you’ll be literally stepping into a game. Your adventure takes place in the Moon Trees woods, and that’s where you’ll be taking on the challenge together. Who knows, you may become the Moon Trees Heroes!

Do you have it in you?

Running, climbing, clambering. But also thinking strategically and playing it smart. That’s what you need in order to become Moon Trees Heroes. So together, you have to think ahead about how to tackle the challenge. Use your abilities wisely!

Would you like to find out more?

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for father and son outings? Simply contact the Moon Trees venue of your choice. They can tell you all about what’s especially available for fathers and sons.